Vytegra Artists

Boris Grigor’ev (1886-1939) is among the major artists of the Modernist Period who took inspiration from the Russian North.  In 1918 he visited Vytegra, where he met the poet Nikolai Klyuev and found inspiration for his album Raseya (the word is a popular version of «Russia») and his cycle Faces of Russia.  Pages from Grigor’ev’s Album, Fragment of «Faces of Russia». 

Among many other artists associated with Vytegra is Mikhail Kirin (1932-2007), who was born in the town and returned to the area many times, spending his summers on the shore of Lake Onega at Golyashi.  The local landscape provided abundant inspiration for him in diverse genres.  Here you can download a simple powerpoint presentation about him: Mikhail Kirin and Vytegra