Oshta Museum of World War II

The Vytegra district is the only county in the Vologda Region touched directly by World War II. From 1941 to 1944, heavy fighting with the Nazi invaders took place close to Vytegra. In 1994,  an historic and ethnographic museum was opened in the village of Oshta, 60 km west of Vytegra. The primary exhibition is devoted to the defence of Oshta.  Documents, photographs, and war trophies chronicle the actions of the 272nd and 368th infantry divisions and the locally-formed fighting battalions, and commemorate the bravery of the female sappers who cleared Oshta of land mines.  The ethnographic department of the museum is devoted to the history of the Oshta settlement and the culture of Oshta’s Veps (Finno-ugric minority).