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The cost of excursions tourists

arriving in the city Vytegra in 2011

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Russian tourist

Walking tour of the city, «Meet, g.Vytegra» — 20rub \ Persons   (1.5-2 hours)

 One of the museums to choose from:

Museum «Waterways of the North»   —    45 rubles / person

Museum of Nature and history of the region-   55 rubles / person

Museum N.Klyueva a tour —   45 rubles / person

Students   — 30rub/chel.

Guide service in a museum — 300 rubles per group

For foreign tourists

Walking tour of the city   — 1500 rubles per group  (maximum -30 persons, minimum 15 people).

Walking tour of the city with a visit to the Museum of Nature and history of the region —3000 rubles. (maximum group -30 people)

Additional terms

Children up to 7 years, children’s homes, the disabled — for free .

When you visit the museum Group 2-3 — excursions 300 rubles .

The cost of excursions is defined for the duration of the contract, not subject to VAT

To order, contact the tour Vytegorskiy Museum:

g.Vytegra, Sovetskaya, 1

tel — fax: (817-46) 2-67-59

E-mail address:    klyuev.09@mail.ru

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