Contacts; Directions

Most foreign tourists visit Vytegra during cruises between St Petersburg and Moscow.  The town’s museums are a short walk from the passenger quay.  Special excursions can be arranged with the museum administration if prior notice is provided.

Vytegra can be reached by road from St Petersburg, via Svir’stroi and Lodeinoe Pole (caution, parts of the road are unpaved and can present challenges for motorists unfamiliar with Russian driving conditions; allow a day for the journey) and from Moscow via Vologda.

Our addresses and phone numbers:

Administration of the museum:

   ul. Internatsionala, d. 2, tel. (81746) 26-7-59.

History Department

            ul. Sovetskaya, 1.

Department of Nature and Archeology

            pr. Pobedy, d. 4.

Museum of Northern Waterways

            ul. Sadovaya, 1.

Museum of the Life and Works of N. Klyuev

            pr. Lenina, 7.

Oshta Historic and Ethnographic Museum

            village of Oshta, ul. Sovetskaya, 7.


Charges (Subject to Change)

Museum admission:

            Adults – 10 rubles

            Discounted (children, seniors, etc.) – 5 rubles

Guided tour of the city:

            Adults – 20 rubles

            Discounted – 15 rubles

Permit to photograph exhibits: 20 rubles

Permit to make video recordings: 50 rubles

The museum is open from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (without a break) Tuesday-Saturday.